8th grade checklist

6 Jun

8th grade checklist

–         Make sure to go into 8th grade knowing what high school you want to go to.

–         Get a planner and write down every assignment, so you don’t forget ANYTHING! 🙂

–         Take good notes to study off of on tests.

–         Make sure to go into every test prepared and ready to get an A.

–         Make sure to read the dress code before you come in flip flops or shorts that are not allowed. 🙂

–         Don’t take too much time off school for being “sick.” 🙂

–         Be ready to travel to new places.

–         Always be ready for a pop quiz.

–         Don’t push your limits.

–         Know the schedule.

–         Don’t go into your own little world in class.

–         Be ready to not be the tallest or smartest kid in the class.

–         Set goals for you that is easy to accomplish but are a good challenge.

–         Have all your supplies when walking into the class room.

–         Be ready to be the leader of the school and be a good roll model to the younger kids.


8th grade

6 Jun

Things that will help me in 8th grade

–       Write all homework in planner

–       Study at least two days before for test

–       Take good notes in notebooks.

–       Have all my supplies

–       Memorize my schedule

–       Don’t procrastinate

–       Do homework before my sports

–       Don’t break any rules

–       Reread things I don’t understand

–       Visit many high schools

–       Only stay home from school unless you’re really sickJ

–       Be prepared to have pop quizzes

–       Try not to space out

–       Be ready to become a leader


online/ robot

23 May

This is my assessment on the videos we watched today in class about robots. I think that people in the real world should be aware that people in the virtual world don’t really have a life except for online. The lady in second life seems to me that she really just needed some real friends because also people online could not be like they really are in the real world. So basically the people online epically the one’s that look real and have access to a way you can get really money can make them look much different online then they do in the real world. I think that it could be dangerous to play a game like that also because it is so realistic so if you do something on that game and someone that you know in the real world see’s it then it could have an interference on their real life. Moving on to the robot that could walk, I think that this could be helpful in the real world because if someone looses a leg then they could have on that works just like a real one. This could also be bad because since the leg can move on it’s own then it could have a few glitches and be dangerous for the person wearing it. Also the robots that look real and are used in the real world on humans are good because they can get the job done more efficiently  but it could also be harmful if the robot has a glitch.

by katieeeeeee

Bad and Good thing about thing online games that are not real

23 May

We watched a video about women that live in an online game and started a clothing shop. She has made money by playing. There are many risks in online games that are not real. You can get so caught up in the online life on the computer you will not have a real life. You need to have friend and to get friends you have to live a real life to meet and become friends with people. You also need to meet people to get married and have a family. If you are always on an online life or game that is your life you will not get to know everything about the real word. Also in class we watched many video about robots so that could walk, talk and even look like humans. It would be cool to have robot because they can help with medical things such as do some surgery that humans can’t really do with their hands. It would be bad too because many humans could have robots do things that they really don’t want to do and many people could become obese. There are many good and bad thing but most of them are bad the entire problem is that online games don’t let people communicate with the real world as much as they should.

By Lizzzie

400 Word Essay lizzie

16 May

Hey, here is a 400 word essay for school

This Summer I am going to Peru for a vacation. I will be fun but we went to the doctor to get shots for yellow fever and he told us everything that you should not do there was a lot of bad things and hopefully we will not die there. One thing I really don’t want to do it to go to Jr. Life Guards this summer it is kind of fun but I really don’t want to do the morning session.  My   brother talked my mother into signing us up for morning instead of afternoon. My friend and I are going to Camp Hammer this summer we went last year and it was a lot of fun I also saw my cousin there who happened to work there the week I went. I can’t wait to go in our pool because we just built it last summer and we just built it by the time it was almost the end of summer. I am planning to have lots of parties. I also can’t wait to hang out with my friend Katie.  I really want to go somewhere tropical to the Bahamas or Hawaii (Not happening any time soon.)  I will also love going to Lodi for a week were we get to go to see our cousins and hang out. It gets so hot there that we are usually always at the pool in my grandmothers backyard or cousins house. We always get a cousin picture we when we go there and go to the mall. I will be stuck with boys because my brother and my six boy cousin and only two girl me and my cousin Kate.

I also can’t wait to get to sleep in all summer and not have to get up early as we do to go to school. I will be very, very, very, nice. We also won’t have any homework yeah!!!!!!!! I can finally watch TV a big part of the day. I can really stay up as late as I want and don’t have to worry about studding for test. I can’t just hang out at home and watch TV. I will also go to soccer practice a lot of the time during summer. Which is fun just playing soccer in general.  Next year we will be 8th graders and leaders of the school. I really just can’t wait for summer. Only like two more weeks. Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

400 word essay katie

16 May

In this essay I will talk about what I did this school year, what I want to do this summer and also what I am looking forward to for next year. This year we did a lot, from going to museums while trying not to miss behave, to running miles, we have really grown together individually as well as a class. I also enjoyed reading books in core like, Tao of Pooh and The Falconer’s Knot. WE have learned many things in Math and Science too along with increasing our knowledge in Spanish. We have completed many fun art projects too and continue to have a good time at school (even if we do have a hard time getting out of bed so early in the morning.) It has been so fun to complete this year as 7th graders. We are also so excited to have SUMMER and see each other outside of school too. I am so excited to hang out with my friends and go to the mall because we will finally have time to just relax. This summer I would also love to go on a big vacation like Hawaii or go to the Bahamas. It would also be fun to go on a cruse with our family to somewhere tropical. I am also sure I will be at the beach at least every other day this summer. When I’m not there I will probably be hanging out with my friend at her pool. We are also going to Camp hammer for a week together and we are excited to be able to hang out. For 8th grade I am excited to meet new teachers like our new principle. We will also miss our science teacher though but look forward to meeting our new one and hopefully have a great math teacher too. In 8th grade we are excited to be the “Leaders” of  Holy Cross and be one year closer to going off to high school. As for high school most of us seem like we are set on Santa Cruz High or some of us may be going to Saint Francis. But parts of our class may go to different high schools too.

Why you girls should be able to wear nail polish!!!!!!!!

25 Apr

We think the girls at our school should be able to wear colored nail polish even though we wear a uniform. We are only able to wear peach and light pink and don’t know why we cant wear any other color what is the difference? We think that girls should be able to wear nail because it is something that thirteen year old girls love to do. I really is a pain to spend a long time or lots of money at the salon on our nails and have to get it taken off in two days.  Our parent  don’t care and it will not affect anything at all. It will not affect anything school related and if the teachers can wear it why cant we? Our opinion is that colored nail polish will express are feeling in what ever color we want.

The higher grades should have the freedom to wear what ever color nail polish they want because we have to wear uniforms which are already not fun to wear. If the girls at our school are told to express themselves, and we cant do that by wearing uniforms then why is it so bad if we wear nail polish. The colors that are permitted are not even aloud, so even if we do wear the right color nail polish then we are STILL told to stop our work and take it off!

This rule affects us even when we are not at school because we cant go to get our nails done on thee weekend and have to wait till summer or longer breaks. It also hurt to walk into a store and find all the fun time and not be able to buy any of it cause we cant wear it in school. If we do end up buying it we waist are money. These are the nail polish that we want to wear. We will be scolded for all

of these colors.